Information about Money management and my matches

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Information about Money management and my matches

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:22 pm

I will post lot of free matches and i will make profit to everyone who follow my matches. I will give my profitable money management which i was testing few years.I will make starting balance and calculate all my won and lost matches. I will give you my profitable money management and suggest you how much money to bet. I will start with balance 500.

You can start with any balance.(For example 50euro ,100euro,500euro,1000euro,5000euro...). Follow my stake suggestions for betting. If I bet stake 100 at my first bet that is 1/5 of my balance. Follow my suggestions and calculate how much you need to bet,depends on your current betting balance.Money management is the most important thing in betting. Without money management you can't make serious profit.

All people with good wishes and who want to help me to improve my forum can contact me. For marketing,for sources,for good info's and anything else contact at

Register free at forum and i will inform all members when is next match.

Only reason why i made this forum is because i want to make strong and profitable betting team,with people who have strong info's,good insiders,lot of betting accounts, trust and honesty.


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